Million show technology brought together a number of highly qualified management personnel First-class product research and development of the elite

About us

  Shenzhen mingschin million show technology co., LTD., founded in 2013 on October 8th, the registered capital of 5 million yuan. Company specializes in display development/production/sales for the integration of high-tech companies, the internal form r&d/production/finished/quality/engineering/commercial/finance/sales department and other departments.
  Company is located in shenzhen city guangming district, close to the same high-speed, high-speed nanguang, from shenzhen baoan airport only 20 minutes, traffic is very convenient.
  Company factory building area of 4600 square meters, the specialty is engaged in the display assembly assembly line number. And to better provide customers with quality service, the company acquired the shenzhen shanzhu source paper packaging company, specializing in brand packaging design and production of the company, providing   customers with high-quality packaging services.
  Companies adhering to the "service customers, service brand" business philosophy and corporate spirit, attention to serve the customers.
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